Estetique is a beauty salon located in Stockholm, Sweden. This hairdressing salon is a little out of the ordinary, as they are passionate about their profession, which results in you as a customer always being satisfied with the result.
  • Mission: Web Development, Design
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Date : 2019


As a beauty salon, it is very important that you as the owner always make sure everything looks clean and nice, both in the salon's physical spots but also the company's digital spots.

Estetique had long felt that their site felt old-fashioned and felt that the website no longer represents the brand.


We took on the task of doing a complete redesign. A completely new page structure with new color combinations that represent the company in a better way.

In addition to the design, we also tried to modernize the company's digital presence by integrating their Instagram account into the website. Prospective customers can now take a look at the salon's previous work, either for inspiration or just as a stamp of quality.
There is also an opportunity to attach CV.


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